Price range
R1 000 - R10 000


Hi All

I am Kay-Lee Goch (Stage name:  KAY-DEE).  At the age of six I started playing around on my dad’s CDJ200’s.  I was fascinated at how the sound could be manipulated. At the age of 10 my Dad bought a set of CDJ850k. I started playing on these and learnt how to play from Cd’s and USB flash drives.  I remember my Dad teaching me how to cue up the track, correcting the pitch and counting 1-2-3-4 and dropping it in at the correct time.

My Dad enrolled me in 2019 for training at Cape Audio College.  I completed their Pioneer DJ Course covering all the fundamentals during the evenings.  He also enrolled me for the Pioneer Pro DJ course at Pioneer in Cape Town which I have completed.  This was presented on Saturdays for two hours.

My Dad sold the CDJ850k’s and bought a set of XDJ1000’s – I must admit, I was totally hooked.  With Rekordbox and my XDJ1000’s, I was absolutely loving it.  I played at a few house parties and was told to enter a DJ competition.  The winner would get an hour slot on the main stage at Valley of Light.  I sent in my audition and they made a shortlist of 10.  I was one of the 10 and came first. I was blown away and ever so thankful for this opportunity.

This really gave me an opportunity to experience playing on a huge stage.  I loved it and cannot wait for the next opportunity.  I was invited to play at various Under-19 Gigs and love it.   My Dad gave me the most amazing Christmas present, a set of CDJ2000 Nexus2 players.  These are amazing decks!!!! I know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, and I cannot wait until I turn 18, for I want to play at big over 18 festivals and my dream is to play at Tomorrowland, Ultra, etc.